As part of our events, we offer several interesting and eventful programs in the form of visits to the castle, the medieval fortress, the car racing circuit, terrain polygon or pleasant stay restaurant with Czech folkloric live music.

The fortress and polygon

Would you spend a day with friends somewhere interesting?

In medieval fortress you can experience historic festival with a number of attractions, competitions and a rich program like a medieval a banquet, a day in the Gothic style or western day.

The field polygon will be loved by adrenaline lovers as well as automotive enthusiasts. You will experience adrenalin when driving in extreme off-road terrain in high-quality off-road vehicles, where cars are managed by experienced professional drivers. In addition, the client may itself manage off-road vehicle under the supervision of an experienced instructor. It is also possible to rent quadricycles and off-road driving on a specially prepared track.

Possibility of refreshments in the form of catering.

We can also provide events such as teambuilding.

Knowing the Middle Ages

Medieval tavern - there is one step over the threshold of the tavern to the Middle Ages. You will perceive the feelings and energy of vaulted ceilings and stone walls, noisy staff and medieval songs. After sitting on wooden bench you forget your everyday worries and become part of the action. During the evening lovely dancers, swordsmen and maybe even a beggar or crazy bride will present.

If you are hungry and thirsty, call loud enough the publican, whether start spinning another tankard of beer and carries tasty morsel of meat.

Scary Saturday in Castle Detenice

Near the medieval tavern there is very nice castle, which in every Saturday scary tours are held with tour guide carrying the candlelight and the witch Žizelda colorfully tells you about how lived here.

Time 10:00 - 17:00

Folkloric evening

Restaurant is located near Prague Castle and offers entertainment mostly for foreign visitors. Typical Czech meals and drinks are served there. Wine is poured from the wine-siphons which are used mainly in Moravia.

Our visitors can listen to folk music from different parts of our country - four musicians play all night.

At the beginning of the evening, guests listen to traditional music. The program is followed by Czech, Moravian and Slovak folk songs and dances and Gipsy songs and dances. This part of the evening takes about one hour.

Visitors have the opportunity to see typical folk instruments such as the dulcimer, fujara (shepherd's flute).

After the break, well-known folk songs by nationality of our guests are followed.

Hosté si mohou zatančit i zazpívat. At the end of the program, around 22:15 pm, visitors can listen to if they are interested, songs from well-known classical music composers (Smetana, Dvorak, Brahms, Wroclaw, Mozart, Mondi, etc.) who were inspired by folk music.

Every night is different depending on the mood of guests.

The evening begins at 19 am and ends around 22:30 pm restaurant has a capacity of 180 guests and in summer (1st April to 31st October) is open almost daily and in the winter season (1st November to 31st March) every Friday and Saturday.

Motor-racing circuit

You have a unique opportunity to come true your childhood dream to become a racer for a moment. We will arrange for you the visit of the motor-racing circuit, professional racer will take you to pure race car and show you how professionals drive in real races. You will go in the Škoda Fabia RS, which has an output of 150 hp and special racing equipment (safety frame, five-point belts, etc.) After this experience, if the client wants to drive alone, after a short training can compete in the race car Ford Fiesta. The first round is training and then you have a race with time. Record of the circuit is 47.76 seconds.

On this circuit karts and off-road quad can be rented.

For the quad special track is prepared. This track is not racing, but the adrenaline experiences are there abound. For the kart it is possible to organize an endurance race (relay).