Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions define the relationship between the provider superbtransfer.eu, ID 40923045, with registered office Kovarska 15, 190 00 Praha 9 and the client.

Client - a person or company that uses the services of Superbtransfer based on the order or contract

Service / car rental - providing services for customers by the company SUPERBTRANSFER

Ways to Order
Orders can be made online on the website www.superbtransfer.eu where the account is automatically created, as well as via e-mail or telephone. We provide services only after advance orders.

When paying transfer by cash, company accepts Czech crown (CZK) Euro (EUR) and dollars (USD). Payment by credit or debit card is possible directly to the driver. Payment of invoices is possible to account number CZK 670100-2207758344/6210. IBAN CZ86 6210 6701 0022 0775 8344 BIC KOD BREXCZPP Issuing invoices and invoice payment must be received prior to providing service, unless otherwise agreed. Invoices can be issued only in CZK.

Confirmation of payment (receipt)
Confirmation of payment will be issued to the client in case of direct payment to the driver.

Changes of reservation and cancellation
The client can cancel or change his reservation on website www.superbtransfer.eu/rezervace/ via e-mail ofliegl@gmail.com or phone +420605 275 587, +420777 203 050, +420776 666 778 - at least three hours before the supposed arrival of the client to Prague or supposed departure. If an airline cancels or changes his flight, client is obliged to inform us about this event as soon as possible (except of delayed flights).

Method of payment for the return journey
If an order includes the return journey, the customer can pay the total amount in advance. The bill will be issued by driver to the client with stating the exact amount paid. On the return trip the client demonstrates confirmation of payment.

Customer Obligations
The client is obliged to behave in time of car rental with driver's instructions and respects safety regulations. The client acknowledges that he has been informed about safety regulations before the renting a car. The client is also obliged to enter the carriage at the agreed time, except when objective reality prevents to appear in time, the client is obliged to inform about this event as soon as possible.

Validity of Terms and conditions
For the client Terms and conditions are valid in the version at the time of order submitting.